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Gordon Ramsay restaurant advice forStarting


Every man and his dog seems to want to open a restaurant today. The dream? A small corner, corner full of customers of worship, passionate staff and a full cash register. Sound familiar? Then it's time for a reality check. As Gordon Ramsay said, "two thirds of the restaurants do not survive beyond their first birthday."

There are long hours, grumpy customers, financial requirements and all kinds of other issues. Whenever you want to do? Here are some suggestions for you - leader Ramsay style.

1. Do not be arrogant

"Many restaurants opened in vanity, people who can not even boil an egg is how I buy a rugby club because I love the game One of my biggest nightmares is that you do not need knowledge makes people fall in love with an idea and do not want to learn their craft, it takes years. - time and commitment. "

Of course, you're still in it? Ok then ...

2. Have you done your homework?

"The secret of a good local restaurant is know your customers and catering for them to do your research .."

Is the region needs a gourmet restaurant expensive, or would be more comfortable with a place potatoes in a hot oven? Make sure you know the area, evaluate the competition and find out what their strengths and weaknesses are. What are you going to stand out from the rest?

3. Choose the right chef

"best conservative investment will always be the head, and if you do not have this great asset in the kitchen downstairs, so forget the guy has to be a motivating factor, being a leader to make money .. keep customers coming back. "

Make sure your head is up. They are an arrogant young upstart who does not know cooking pork or beef, or well seasoned leader with vision and drive?

4. Who is responsible?

"You have to trust in the brigade paid, and may also cause to develop their talent Keep hands on them, motivate ..."

5. Communication and Teamwork

"The key to any successful restaurant is regular communication between management and the chef."

6. The menu

"The flatter, more the norm."

7. Quality Control

"Errors stay in the kitchen."

8. Maintain clean and organized

"The fundamental rule of the kitchen: the kitchen is clean and tidy I mean spotless"

9. Be flexible

"In my own business, I am very aware of the need to react instantly to changes in business conditions :. Reduce reducing overhead, setting menus, you have to react immediately without having to wait in the current climate we produce weekly, monthly values and is not, you need to be aware of what is happening. "

10. Do not give up

"One thing I see is the struggle, determination and grains."


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