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10 fantastic of lemon juice

Ah! Lemon juice. I would put on my iced tea, pressing on my salad and sprinkle fried fish to help reduce fat. Lemon juice has many uses besides being a tasty food and drink additive that can not know. Here are 10 fantastic uses for lemon juice, probably he never thought!


1. Give your hair a beautiful shine

You probably know that spritzing the hair lemon juice, and then go out in the sunlight will give natural-looking reflections. But did you rinse your hair with lemon juice will know too bright? You've probably never thought of that! The acidic juice will remove the residue built from shampoo and hair care products. To give your hair a healthy shine, mix a quarter cup of lemon juice in a glass of water.

2. removing copper spots and brass

Mix one cup of table salt and juice just enough to make a quarter lemon pulp. Then apply a layer of the same throughout tarnished copper or brass pots, pans and other items you may have. Let the necklace / lemon juice salt provides for five to ten minutes. Then wash clothes in warm water and rinse well. Use a soft, clean cloth to dry polish. If any stain remains, repeat the process.

3. Use lemon juice to get you going

Every time someone in your home is constipated, it can reach a laxative store bought. But did you know that lemon juice is a natural laxative that has no side effects? You've probably never thought of that! Just pour two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice in a glass of eight ounces of warm water. Drinking in the morning when you wake up. Citrus juice will help regulate your digestive system.

In one of his previous books, fitness guru Richard Simmons recommend doing this as a way to lose weight!

4. Fat Naturally Home Cleaning

Mix a difficult solution of lemon juice and tap water, and stove, countertops and appliances will shine like new. it's fantastic! Pour ¼ cup lemon juice in a spray bottle and fill it with tap water. Stir a few times to mix the solution and use it to remove stubborn fat.

5. Disinfect the kitchen cutting board

You a little diced onion and some birds for dinner tonight at the cutting board. Once you have done, you washed with hot water and soap, but his own cup truth table? If you spray lightly with pure lemon juice, then rinse thoroughly. Leave the cutting board dry completely before storing, bacterial and onion odors- should disappear.

6. Remove pine tar sticky hands

A friend of mine was made decorative wreaths using fresh pine branches. The work was fun, but complained that the disaster was pine tar on his hands. I suggested he rubs his hands with a mixture of lemon juice and table salt. Voila! Pine tar came right!

7. Silence cure a dry cough and sore throat

This fantastic lemon juice use to soothe a dry cough and soothe throat raw. Simply mix two tablespoons of lemon juice and half a teaspoon of honey together. Swallow the tasty mix and you should feel better soon. Repeat the process if necessary, in thirty minutes

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